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Achievement unlocked - $COVAC launches on Hotbit Exchange

$COVAC launched on Hotbit exchange on 26 Aug 2021 with an outstanding 333x increase in price since its launch on PancakeSwap just slightly over 2 months ago.

The price ran up to an ATH of $0.0003616 with a market cap of $4.6mil prior to the Hotbit Exchange listing. Investors can get $COVAC now on both PancakeSwap and Hotbit.

The latest price sheet is as follows:

If you had put in $100 in $COVAC at the start, that would have been worth $33.3k today, and this is only the beginning.

We expect to see even bigger price movements in the upcoming months when the next few milestones are hit, e.g. TokenBlast launch and COVACPass+ beta roll-out, and with more marketing activities.

We would like to thank all our investors for staying strong with diamond hands and keep HODLing!

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